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Pedigree of Johannes Bartsch, Sr.
Ancestors and Children of Johannes Bartsch, Sr. and His Wife, Helene Bartsch, Nee Isaac


Clas Bartsch Unknown Unknown
Absalon Bartsch, Sr. Helena ? Unknown
Absalon Bartsch, Jr.
Maria Penner Franz Isaac
Anna Harder
Johannes Bartsch, Sr.
Helene Isaac

Hermann (Johannes)  Bartsch
Johannes (Johannes) Bartsch, Jr.
Franz Bartsch
Robert (Johannes) Bartsch

Pedigree Index

Documentation: We have the records of Paul W. Bartsch, Sr. and Paul W. Bartsch, Jr. (Supplement V) that Johannes Bartsch, Sr. had brothers named Henry, Jacob, and Absalom. Johann Becker has documented independently the records of Johannes Bartsch, Sr., Heinrich ("Henry") Bartsch, and Jacob. He does not document the existence of Absalom Bartsch III. Moreover, According to Paul  Bartsch, Sr. and Paul Bartsch, Jr., the father of Johannes Bartsch, Sr. was Johann Bartsch, the Delegate to Empress Catherine II of Russia. This does not appear to be correct. A biographical sketch of Johann Bartsch (1757-1821) reveals that he was married twice, and that his children by his first wife, Susanna Lammerts, were Susanna, Maria, and Sara. After his first wife died, he remarried her younger sister, Magdalena. The couple had nine children, but only two survived infancy, Helena and Margaretha. Clearly, none of the surviving children of either marriage was named Johannes. We conclude that the Paul Bartsches were incorrect in believing that Delegate Johann Bartsch was the father of Johannes Bartsch, Sr.

Documentation: From the records of Johann Becker we are able to deduce that the father of Johannes Bartsch, Sr. (1817-1859) was Absalon Bartsch, and that his wife was Maria nee Penner. In addition to statements regarding Johannes Bartsch, Sr.'s  brothers as stated by Paul W. Bartsch, Jr. (Supplement V), namely, Henry, Jacob, and Absalom, Becker cites Maria Bartsch and Cornelius Bartsch as being siblings of Johannes, Sr., and children of Absalon Bartsch, Jr. and Maria Penner Bartsch. The family line extending up from Absalon, Jr. comes from Johann Becker. See also Baptism Record of Johann Bartsch (Sr.)

Birth of Johannes Bartsch, Sr. - Nov. 4, 1817 at Rosenort, Gross Werder, West Prussia

Wife of Johannes Bartsch, Sr. - Helene Bartsch nee Isaac, born Aug. 14, 1816 at Simonsdorf, Gross Werder, West Prussia.

The children of Johannes and Helene:

Hermann (Johannes)  Bartsch, born  Feb. 12, 1847 at Heiligenbeil, East Prussia

Johannes (Johannes) Bartsch, Jr.,  born  Aug. 25, 1848 at Heiligenbeil, East Prussia

Franz Bartsch, born April 24, 1854 at Heiligenbeil, East Prussia. He died Nov. 14, 1931 in Lysanderhoh, Russland, Saratov. (This is according to the record of Johann Becker. However, another source associates Franz Bartsch with Lysanderhohe in the Russian Oblast of Samara.)

Robert (Johannes) Bartsch, born  June 23, 1859 at Zeiskendorf, Dirschau, West Prussia.

Death of Johannes Bartsch, Sr.. The records of Johann Becker place his death on Dec 11 1859 in Dirschau, Zeiskendorf, Menn. Gemeinde Heubuden, Westpreußen. The translation is as follows: He died on Dec 11 1859 in Dirschau, Zeiske Village, in the Mennonite Community of Heubuden, West Prussia.

Absalon Bartsch, Sr. We have no record of the date or place of his birth. However, a "Christening" record has him "Christened" in 1793. Probably this is the date of his baptism. He could have have been as old as 18 years of age. If that is correct, the birth of his son, Absalon, Jr., in 1797 would not be improbable. Under this assumption, Absalon, Sr. would have been 22 years of age when he became a father.

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