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Photo of Toevs Family
Standing: Dr. William A. Piper; Edgar E. Toevs; Annice (Edgar's wife); Jacob C. Toevs; John L. Toevs; Frank Wenger
Seated: Susie Neuman Toevs (husband Herman J., deceased); Anna Toevs Wenger (husband Frank); Agatha Suderman Toevs (husband John - deceased); Agatha Toevs Piper (husband William); Lois Kendrick Toevs (husband John L.)

     The two scans below contain the identities of the Toevs siblings and in-laws and their mother, Agatha Suderman Toevs, in the excellent handwriting of my own mother, Florence May Toevs Bartsch. Her mother, Susie Neuman Toevs, is seated at the far left. All of these people (excluding Susie, of course, and Grandmother Agatha) were my mother's uncles and aunts, siblings or siblings-in-law of her own deceased father, Herman J. Toevs. They would be my great uncles and aunts, with Susie being my maternal grandmother, and Agatha Suderman Toevs being my great-grandmother. Grandma Susie later remarried another Herman - Herman F. Schmidt. I knew them as Grandpa and Grandma Schmidt. They lived in a nice older home at 909 South Kansas Ave. in Newton, Kansas.
     I have included two  ID scans in order to retain all the handwriting.
At one time or another, these all lived in or near Aberdeen, Idaho, my mother's home town. The picture must have been taken by Swanson Portraits in Pocatello, ID. If I were to guess, the photo would have been taken some time prior to 1940, almost certainly prior to my grandmother Susie's having moved from Aberdeen to Newton, KS along with her daughter Florence, my mother.
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