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Clas Bartsch


Absalon Bartsch, Sr.

Helena ?
Absalon Bartsch, Jr.
Maria Penner Unknown
Johannes Bartsch, Sr.
Helene Isaac
Martin Esau
Johannes Bartsch, Jr.
Anna Hamm Bergman
Paul William Bartsch, Sr.
Gertrude Penner
? SpallingerUnknown
Anna Marie Bartsch
Byron D. Spallinger

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My first memories of my Aunt Anna Marie were when I was about four years old. I was born in March of 1947, and she died in August of 1951. I vaguely remember that she  had an infectious laugh. I have been told that she was a remarkable piano player, and that she could play by ear. But I don't remember any of that personally.

I remember her husband, Byron Spallinger. We called him "Uncle Byron," of course. I can remember him staying with us. He had a boil and was treating it in our bathroom. I watched with fascination as he took care of his boil.

I can remember that Uncle Byron owned a Studebaker. I cannot remember the year, but I remember it had a pointed, and very distinctive nose at the center of its grill.

I recollect that my Aunt Anna Marie was not well. We lived at 613 SE Second St. in Newton, KS at the time. We lived on the main floor. Aunt Anna Marie had cancer, although I am not certain I knew the cause of her illness at the time. When the time for death drew near, she and, I presume, Uncle Byron, lived in the apartment upstairs. There was a door either on the front porch, or else in my parents' bedroom, the front one, that led to the apartment upstairs. I  may have gone up there a time or two to see Aunt Anna Marie, but I do not have a firm recollection of it. As the time for her death grew nearer, I distinctly remember I was not allowed to go upstairs.

I vaguely remember the day she died. I did not see her, but we had a lot of company, it seemed to me. I was outside playing and perhaps riding my bicycle or scooter or something. At any rate, I knew something serious had happened, but I was not allowed to go see, and no one seemed to keep me informed.

I would like to visit with my Aunt  Anna Marie, and I would like to hear her sing and play the piano. Some day, God willing, I hope to do so.

My Uncle Byron later remarried a woman named Arlene, if I am not mistaken. My mother kept in contact with Byron (and Arlene?) for some years, but by now, I have lost all contact with him.

Obituary of Anna Marie Bartsch Spallinger
June 17,  1922 - August 18, 1951

Spallinger, Anna Marie Bartsch (1922-1951)

Mennonite Weekly Review obituary: 1951 Oct 25 p. 10
Birth date: 1922
text of obituary:
— Among those from out of town who came here for the funeral of Mrs. Anna Marie Spallinger on Tuesday were Mr. and Mrs. Homer Spallinger and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Spallinger of Lima, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Allgire and Michael of Bluffton, Ohio; John Penner, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Claassen, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Claassen and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Claassen, all of Beatrice, Neb. Mrs. Spallinger, 29, the former Anna Marie Bartsch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Bartsch of Topeka, died on Saturday at the home of her brother, John Bartsch. The services were held at the First Mennonite church, in charge of Rev. D. J. Unruh. Her husband, Byron D. Spallinger, survives.

The Mennonite obituary: 1951 Sep 18 p. 595
text of obituary:


Anna Marie Spallinger, nee Bartsch, was born at Newton, Kansas, on June 17, 1922, the oldest child of Paul and Gertrude Bartsch, nee Penner. During her childhood the mother stressed Christian education and music, Anna Marie receiving her first piano lessons from her mother at the early age of four.

At the age of eight, Anna Marie lost her mother. Her aunt, Mrs. Anna Toeves, together with her grandmother, came to take over the care of the home for the first year and for the following year her aunt, Sister Helene Marie Bartsch, assumed that responsibility. On September 30, 1932 the present mother, formerly Esther Toevs, was brought into the home by her father. The family then consisted of Anna Marie and two brothers, John and Paul. In 1934, the youngest sister, Barbara, was born.

Anna Marie finished the Newton grade and high schools and continued her piano studies under Mrs. E. R. Sanner for a number of years. In the spring of 1934, Anna Marie joined the First Mennonite church of Newton through baptism upon confession of faith in her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. She attended Bethel College, Washburn University at Topeka, Kansas, Omaha University and Grace Bible Institute, Omaha, Nebraska, where she met her husband. Byron Spallinger of Lima, Ohio. Later, she became organist at the Central Park Christian church, Topeka, Kansas. Following this, she became faculty member of Grace Bible Institute as associate piano instructor.

On June 2, 1950, she was married to Byron Spallinger. The couple made their home in Bluffton, Ohio, where they spent a short but happy year. On Easter Sunday of this year she and her husband. Byron, came to Topeka for a family reunion, her brother Paul having arrived on furlough. Following this enjoyable reunion the young couple moved to Newton and resided with her aunt, Mrs. Anna Toevs, where Anna Marie took up treatment of her subtle illness and her aunt faithfully cared for her until her death. On May 13, 1951, she paid her last visit to her parents in Topeka, the occasion being her father’s birthday.

Anna Marie seemed to sink more rapidly after August 1. On Saturday morning, August 18, the relatives and pastor were called to her bedside. Byron’s father and mother arrived from Ohio, and the memory of that occasion will never be erased from the minds of those present. Anna Marie’s request for music was granted. Hymns and sacred songs were sung, Scripture was recited, prayers were offered, and at 12:00 o’clock noon, she breathed her last breath and fell asleep in Jesus until the resurrection morn.

We, who linger behind, wonder what joy, what rapture Anna Marie experienced, as her soul was released from this body of pain and suffering. She is now with her Lord and Saviour whom she can now worship in fellowship with all the dear ones who have gone on before. All her sorrow, all suffering will be forgotten, all tears will be wiped away.

She leaves to mourn her early departure her husband, Byron Spallinger, her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bartsch of Topeka, her brother John of Newton and his wife and children, her brother Paul, now in Korea, her sister Barbara of Topeka, her father and mother-in-law, and many aunts, uncles, and cousins, so many of whom have ministered faithfully to her needs, her suffering, and pain.

We all look forward in great anticipation to that Great Easter Morn when we shall all be united again to sing the Hallelujahs forever and ever. — The Family.

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